The new Spring/Summer 2024 collection has arrived! The new Spring/Summer 2024 collection has arrived!

The story behind the new Rouge Cerise original prints

The story behind the new Rouge Cerise original prints

Accessories that are a little more unique

I've been thinking about it for a while and I finally took action. Rouge Cerise has a new way of distinguishing itself with unique prints, developed in collaboration with a textile print specialist. Here's how these prints are finally on your accessories!

Over the years, the process of developing new accessory designs has become something natural for me. But creating a print from scratch is a little different! In the beginning I had no reference point. I am used to developing volumes, not designs as precise and elaborate as a pattern! That's why I asked for help from a specialist in textile print development, Marilena.

So where do we start? Well, the colors! I want my fabrics to be as timeless as my accessories, to be able to be used for several seasons without looking out of style. Marilena first helped me identify the key colors for the coming years. I chose a few for the spring collection and others will be added for the fall collection.

Then the elements. As you know, I love organic elements, nature. So naturally I looked for elements like flowers and foliage. I discussed my ideas with Marilena and based on my criteria she came up with two beautiful designs. The result was far beyond my expectations! She was able to create interesting compositions that perfectly matched my style.

The last step before the production of the fabric is to perform printing tests. A few corrections were necessary at this stage. Some colors did not have the same hue on the fabric as on the paper test! A few trial and error later, I think the result is beautiful and I hope you do too!

I had a lot of fun making the samples in these fabrics and I'm having a hard time coming up with a favorite!

I'm already looking forward to working with Marilena again to bring you new and unique designs!


photo by Nemoland

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