The new Spring/Summer 2024 collection has arrived! Free delivery with minimum purchase of $150 (before taxes) over Canada for a limited time! Free delivery with minimum purchase of $150 (before taxes) over Canada for a limited time!




The classic long wallet that's big enough to hold everything you need, including cards, bills, change and even your cell phone. It's not designed to travel light!

Noir ''Pivoines''

Black ''Peonies''

Rich black leather and black vegetable tanned leather straps combined with the black "Peonies" print make this combination a timeless classic. Large white flowers balance and brighten the look, while adding a touch of originality.

Noir ''Succulentes''

Black ''Succulents''

An arrangement that combines the ''Succulents'' print with black grained leather and black vegetable ktanned leather straps. The purple tones of the print complement the black leathers for a chic, feminine look.

Sac laptop classique sac à dos à zip en cuir orange pêche et textile branches de cèdre orange. Fait à la main au Canada


The convertible bag par excellence. For the laptop or everyday items, it can be carried by hand, on the shoulder or as a backpack. Sophisticated enough for the office, yet casual enough for weekend activities.

Bordeaux ''Fleurs sauvages''

Burgundy ''Wild flowers''

A combination of the burgundy "Wild flowers" print, a superb burgundy leather and a black vegetable tanned leather straps for a warm-toned combination with a classic look.

Petit sac à main sac de soirée jaune et bleu marin en cuir. Fait au Canada


A cute little handbag with classic lines. A timeless, versatile style that transforms from shoulder bag to handbag. The prints add a modern, unmistakable touch.

carte cadeau

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Iberis is a large tote bag that can be used for the office as well as for those who are prepared for any eventuality. It features reinforced sides to keep it semi-rigid, and sturdy handles to support the weight of whatever you slip inside.



A small make-up bag, a travel pouch or a stylish pencil case, the Manille pouch can fulfil many functions and slips easily into a handbag or suitcase.

Petit sac à dos sac à main noir et fleurs mauves violettes fait à la main au Canada..


The perfect backpack to replace your handbag. A classic vintage style with a feminine touch. A comfortable bag that stays well on your shoulders.

Moutarde ''Fleurs sauvages''

Mustard ''Wild flowers''

A luminous combination of the navy ''Wild flowers'' print and a gorgeous mustard-yellow leather, complemented by pecan-colour vegetable tanned leather straps, for an eye-catching look.

Marine ''Fleurs sauvages''

Navy ''Wild flowers''

Navy leather and pecan-colored vegetable-tanned leather straps combine with the ''Wild flowers'' print, also in navy. A classic, timeless look for every style.

New Glasgow

New Glasgow

A small, compact card holder for small handbags or to slip into a pocket.

Nouvelle collection P/É 2024

New S/S 2024 collection

Discover accessories from the current collection and unique prints. You'll find every size, for every need.



The versatile phone case that can be worn across the shoulder, on the shoulder or at the waist.

Sacoche en cuir rigide carré couleur peach fuzz et tissu imprimé orange. Fait localement au Canada.


A handbag with classic lines and a feminine look, combined with unique prints. Wear it over the shoulder or by hand.

Pochette à crayons en cuir bourgogne et textile fleurs sauvages marguerites


A selection of carefully crafted leather and cotton canvas pouches with original designs and prints. A feminine and sophisticated style, an all-purpose accessory.

grand sac cabas en cuir bourgogne et marguerites fait au Canada

Tote bag

All tote bags. Large bags with a classic, feminine style that will be just as useful for the office as for those who need a spacious everyday bag.

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